123TokenMe app


Here is an app that I can not say enough good things about.  First, it was created by both a Speech Language Pathologist/BCBA and a Special Education Teacher.  This app has versatility and engages students in their learning.  You can be confident that this app does exactly what it claims….”Teaches Skills and Improves Behaviors”.

From my experience using this app is helpful for keeping students on task and engaged and can be used with a variety of students and in different environments (Autism, GenEd, AD/HD, Functional Skills).  One first grader comes through the door for each session exclaiming, “I want to use the token app….the one with the faces!”

In my opinion, the best thing about this app is the ability to change and set up the tokens/rewards ‘on the fly’.  There are many token options to choose from…and by the way the artwork for the tokens was created by kids!  The students love to choose their reward, whether it’s one that is already in the app or you add your own….it’s simple and fast. Does your student like to work for sitting on the bean bag, computer time, wind up toy or something else?  Don’t have time to find that perfect picture from a software program or clip art or time to print the picture that you have taken,  laminate little square icon pictures and attach them with velcro to a token board?  No worries, just take a picture and add it to the rewards.  It’s a super time and $$ saver.

Other great features

  • data collection,
  • using with multiple students
  • easy to use

So, don’t take my word for it….check this app out at http://123apps4me.com/



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